Voilà Project Dynamic Internet of Things environments using Smart Objects

The Voilà Project allows to build Internet of Things Networks where involved Actors & Smart Objects automatically and without any configuration discover, connect to or disconnect from the network using standard shared protocols such as HTTP & CoAP. The prototype shows an application scenario for real-time monitoring of dynamic environment where smart objects may join or leave abruptly.

Smart objects are devices featuring limited capabilities, in terms of computational power and memory, and might be battery-powered, thus raising the need to adopt particularly energy efficient technologies. Smart objects can reactively and proactively operate through sensors and/or actuators which they can be equipped with.

Voilà involves:
  • CoAP implementation to the last IETF Draft (Java, Android, and Arduino) (Contiki soon ? )
  • Service discovery procedures in local networks and distributed overlays
  • IoT Hub implementation with:
    • Protocol Translation (HTTP <-> CoAP)
    • Resource Directory
    • Proxy functionalities


The first release of the Voilà project has been presented at the Italian edition of SPS IPC Drives held in 2013 in Parma.

SPS IPC Drives Italia originates from the German homonymous fair show which has been the leading event of the industrial automation in Germany end Europe for over 20 years. - See more at: Link



Demo - Videos

Network Join


Mobile Interaction